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A new signature event
for the Creative Capital!
June 11-14, 2015
Discover the city center as
it comes to life with firsts
in arts, music and spectacle
Experience an extravaganza of
performances & installations
throughout the city
Save the date: June 11-14
2015 Providence International
Arts Festival
Coming next: World Premiere
Lostwax Multimedia Dance
Artistic Icons Series
at The Vets: Mummenschanz,
Philip Glass, & Noche Flamenca
connecting art with audiences
in Providence, Rhode Island
FirstWorks Arts-Learning
introduces Regina Carter
to Rhode Island music students
FirstWorks Arts-Learning
Jazz at Lincoln Center
connect students to The Jazz Age
Enrich the lives of children
Join our FirstWorks friends
with a pledge to our Annual Fund

At FirstWorks we work year-round to bring the best in the arts to Rhode Island, and engage our diverse communities in arts creation and arts learning.

We'd love your help! Do you

  • - have special administrative talents?
  • - boast exceptional stamina, verve, or humor?
  • - like to direct audience traffic while you savor the electricity of live performances?
  • - enjoy artfully positioning posters, or rubbing shoulders with performers?

Volunteers gain an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at "firsts" in the arts in Providence. We can always use a hand, year-round. Please give us a call to find out more at 401.421.4278.


if you want to contact us:
401-421-4278 or


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